What is a crumpet?

A crumpet is circular in shape, roughly 3.5” in diameter and about 3/4 of an inch thick. Their shape comes from being restrained on a flat top griddle by a shallow stainless steel cooking ring. They have a characteristic flat top with many small pores and a chewy and spongy like texture. Not quite a pancake, nor an English muffin they are made from a ‘loose batter’ that is hand whipped and hand poured into custom made rings on a flat top griddle until thoroughly cooked, and then cooled and stored before lastly eaten after being freshly toasted, adding butter, preserves or just about any other topping imaginable. Because a crumpet itself is neither sweet nor savory, it is the topping that defines whether it is a sweet or savory product, therefore a crumpet can be served as either or, it really has no limits.