Did you know that our crumpets are vegan? Yup. No animal by products, plus they are nuetral, so no sugars, oils etc. you can take a 6-Pack home and make up your own concoction sweet or savory. We also offer a vegan butter substitute because lets face it, everything is better with butter! (even a vegan butter option) Our crumpets are animal testing free too. (Although I did see a dog eat a customers crumpet once though)

Where You Can Find our Crumpets

To everyone that called, emailed, facebooked, IG, tweeted etc. asking when we are opening. I do not have a definitive opening date yet. We are still waiting for our cafe inspection. For now you can get Strumpets Crumpets at Elevator Cafe , Blue Kangaroo and (soon?) at See See Motor Coffee

I'll update this and the home page when I have a better idea of our opening date.


Strumpets Crumpets

"Never Mind the Strumpets, here's Crumpets"

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